The breezing southwest wind kept most of the boats to the dock, but for those of us that went out, fishing was pretty good.

I had the same group today that fished with me on the 23rd, and they expressed great interest in trying the jigging rods out on some amberjacks. It was pretty rough, but I beat my way down to one of the southern wrecks to give it a shot, but no luck. I jogged six miles to another spot, but no action there either. I decided to set out the trolling stuff, and troll to the next wreck on the list. On the way, we caught three dolphin and a king mackerel. Once we got to our destination, the vertical jigging was as good as it gets. We caught our limit, and it was about all my group wanted. They asked if I could go inshore and try for some blufish for the little guy. We caught a handful of them too! The others that ventured on offshore further had a few dolphin, a few tunas, and some billfish action.

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