These Guys Know How To Have Fun!

Fishing was pretty good today, but I wouldn’t have complained if it had been a little calmer.

The light northeast wind that was forcasted hung in there at about 25 all day, making it quite snatchy. Our plan was to try for a couple of wahoos, and if successful, give marlin fishing a shot. The wahoo fishing was actually pretty good, but our luck wasn’t. We had six hooked up, pulling drag, and only landed one of them. I was a little frustrated with those results, but that’s fishing. We hooked, landed, and released a sailfish, which eased the pain quite a bit, and a couple of gaffer dolphin. Right near the end of the day, we found a massive school of dolphin and bailed our limit. Whew! The thing is, everybody should take attitude lessons from these guys. They had fun all day, even when we were’nt catching fish. I love fishing with fun people!

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