Glass Sea

Today was slick calm, and fishing picked up from yesterday.

I explained to my group that probably the best action was going to be billfish today, so we headed out thinking/hoping that we would come across some marlin activity. A couple hours in to the day, we hadn’t had a bite, and I realized that there wasn’t much current, so I decided to try dropping to the bottom for some grouper. It turned out to be a good plan, and we caught our limit (1 per person) of snowy groupers, with three tilefish and a squirrel fish to boot. There had been a few marlin bites by then, and a couple schools of dolphin found, so we went trolling. We never saw a billfish, but we did find a nice school of dolphin, out in about 500 fathoms. They didn’t really bite too well, but we managed to catch a dozen fish. There was a scattered wahoo bite in the shallows.

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