More Sails

Fishing was still on the slow side overall, but we had some more pretty good sailfish action.

We had a pretty exciting ride out, as we had to punch through a pretty heavy thunderstorm. Not long after that, we started fishing, and landed our first bite, a sailfish on a TLD…just right. It would be a while till we caught anything else. Some of the guys tried bottom fishing, since the current had slacked up, but it didn’t seem like a good idea for my group. We missed a wahoo, and caught a nice gaffer dolphin middle of the day. We got up close and personal with another sailfish that became attached to my left teaser, and wouldn’t switch off to another bait. Around 2:30, we caught one more out of a doubleheader sailfish. Not a lot of meatfish, but still some pretty cool action. There was a scattered wahoo bite, and a couple boats found floats with some dolphin around them, so maybe things are pickin’ up.

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