The ocean was beautiful today, and eventhough the trolling bites were few, we managed to put together a nice catch of fish.

Our first trolling bite of the day was a blue marlin, and we had him on just long enough to get the rod passed down and almost in the chair before he came off. There wasn’t much going on, and the current seemed to be falling out down the beach, so I had groupers in my mind for a back up. They bit pretty good, and we landed the one apiece that we were allowed, plus a couple of tiles, before we went back to trolling. I found a float and we managed to catch a small handful of dolphin around that. Our second trolling bite of the day was another blue marlin. He crashed a shortrigger and swam at the boat. I had to steam ahead to tighten everything up. We figured everything was good, but he came off too, shortly after getting squared away in the chair. Oh well, it was good to see them. The groupers we caught were nice, up to 20 pounds.

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