Fun Day

The ocean remained calm another day, and the fishing was pretty good as well.

The winds were light most of the day, but it was overcast which kept things very comfortable out there. There were a few rain squalls around, but we only got sprinkled on a couple of times. I worked down the beach in some heavy scattered grass, scattered due to the wind direction. It was difficult to fish, but we set our minds on finding dolphin, and thats what we did. We never really found a ”mega school”, but we found lots of small bunches that yielded four or five fish at a time. We changed tactics after bailing 40 – 45 fish, and began to troll for a wahoo. There had been a few bites, so I was optimistic. Right near the end of the day we managed to successfully accomplish our goal, as we landed one wahoo, and missed a second one.

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