Great Make-Up Party

We ventured out, in spite of the windy conditions, and made it worth while with some great fishing.

I gave my group a good ”talking to” this morning about the wind and sea conditions. It had been blowing 20-25 northeast all night, and was expected to breeze all day, so I wanted everybody to make a educated decision. They all voted to head on out, and I couldn’t have been happier. I just wish there had been some other boats out to share in the great fishing! The only other boat that left was the Miss Hatteras, and he had a great day of bottom fishing as well. Anyway, we found numerous small bunches of dolphin, in scattered streaks of grass, as deep as 200 fathoms, a good number of them gaffers, including one over 30 pounds (on a bailing rod). Great action, with a bonus wahoo and a sailfish release as well. It was a great make-up party!

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