Picture Perfect

I needed a slick calm day, for my new friend Mr. Joe, and wouldn’t you know….it was!

This morning, it was greasy slick, so the ride back up to the east was like a newly paved highway. We set out on the first color change, and didn’t go far before a school of big bailers found us. We caugh twenty, including a couple gaffers, before getting back to trolling. I headed out to the blackfin spot, and we managed to catch around twenty of them before moving back in, in search of a wahoo. Well, we never caught our wahoo, but we did catch forty more dolphin, enough to limit out. We couldn’t get over the nice size of the dolphin, and managed to catch several more gaffers mixed in with the bailers, including one over 20 pounds on a bailing rod. It was a picture perfect day! Further to the south, the king mackerel fishing was heating up, along with more good dolphin fishing and a scattered wahoo bite.

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