Trolling For Kings

Things were just as hot out there as they have been, great action to be had.

Today’s group fished with me yesterday, so if you saw the report, you know why they were wore out! They wanted to catch king mackerel again today, so we got them what they wanted in easier fashion. We trolled instead of using the live bait tackle, which produces smaller fish, but we still had plenty of action, not to mention easier on already sore backs! After limiting out, we went out to the blue water and hunted around for a few hours, but never found anything. Conditions looked promising for a wahoo, and there was plenty of grass for dolphin habitat, but the north-northeast wind had it scattered bad. The was a wahooo or two caught though, and the one boat that went east searching for tuna wound up with a nice catch of yellowfins and blackfins. Thanks to The Martin’s for some more great fishing, and memories!

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