A last minute call from my buddy Vinnie got us back out there for some excellent light tackle kingfishing today.

Bait has been a little hard to come by lately, so we ran on offshore with the plan of live bait fishing with dead bait….got it? It works pretty well, instead of live bait, we use ballyhoo on live bait rigs, and do a little jigging to give them some action. The strikes are the same, all on the surface, and almost as explosive. We found a pretty good spot this morning, and kept at least one fish on the whole time till we had our limit. We had a pretty nice class of fish too, only one citation, a 30 pounder, but lots of 20-25 pounders. By the time we finished up, the wind had started to breeze out of the northeast, and it was raining pretty steady, so my crowd decided to quit while they were ahead, get their fish back for the fish cleaners to get started on, and uh, oh yeah, Vinnie had to walk his dogs. Absolutely great action. A couple boats tried tuna fishing and it sounded like a scattered blackfin and yellowfin. On the way in, we interupted a mating pair of loggerhead sea turtles for a photo, I don’t think they were too thrilled about the ”photo op” though!

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