January B-Liners

After a long stretch of windy weather, we went out today to try our hand at commercial kingfishing again, but we didn’t have any luck.

I will say that for the last month or more, the blackfin tuna fishing has been great. Not too many boats have had charters, but it has been pretty consistant trolling bites and bites on the vertical jigs. The fish have been mostly 20- 35 pounders, a lot of fun on the jigs.
Since we weren’t having any luck with the mackerels today, we decided to drop to the bottom and get dinner. The b-liners (vermillion snappers) were biting plenty good, and we caught plenty to feed us for a few days, and some for the freezer. It would be a good time to go fishing…..unless you don’t like tuna and bottom fish!

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