Make Up Charters

I have had more inquiries this year about make-up charters than ever.

Times being the way they are have left many of my faithful customers "shorthanded", and they have struggled to get a full group together for a charter. At the same time, many of them would prefer to fish with me, and not with someone who’s operation they aren’t familiar with. I just filled a charter for April 4th, and it occured to me that I should be adding to my list of make-up requests. Here’s the deal. If you want to go fishing but can’t quite pull a group together, email me with you contact information, and when you would be available to go. I even have a list of people who are just "on call". Giving me your name and number doesn’t obligate you in any way, however, I will be working to try to put together a trip that includes you. At the same time, bear in mind that getting on a make-up list for a certain week doesn’t guarantee you a date. If you have enough people to book a day, I would recommend doing so. Thanks, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Today would have been my first charter of the spring, but it is quite windy, and my group is in town for a couple more days. We are gonna try it on Sunday.