Weekend Offshore Report

The last couple days, the yellowfin fishing has been pretty good.

There has been a boat or two with great catches of tuna the last couple of days, but for the most part, everybody came in with just a handful of fish in the 30-35 pound range. The location of the bites has been very random, and you could be lucky or unlucky very easily. Ysterday we caught a blackfin first thing in the m orning, and a little later on got struck by the yellowfins, hooked four out of five, and they all pulled off. Sadly, that would be the extent of our action.
Today was a little better overall, we caught four yellowfins and a small gaffer dolphin. My group wanted to give the jigging poles a work out, so we quit trolling and broke out the LXs for some light action. It was a successful tactic, and everybody had a good time bending the poles. Today was a gorgeous day on the water!

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