Gorgeous Day

It was such a beautiful morning, and we were feeling adventurous, so we headed to the south to take a look around.

I am satisfied that we made a good decision, and the fishing was really pretty good down there. My group fished yesterday, and got all the amberjacks they wanted, as well as a belly full of bottom fishing, so I was instructed not to do either. Both were good though, for the boats that did it. There was also a great sign of king mackerel, and a couple boats caught what they wanted jigging ballyhoos. Again, my group remained purists, and wanted to continue trolling. We had some good luck when we hooked six yellowfins at once, but we only managed to land two of them, 30 pounders. A little later we had a couple of wahoo bites, hooked one, and pulled him off too. I worked back in to the break, and we hooked our first blue marlin of the year. It was pretty exciting for a few minutes, but he was on one of our tuna rigs, with a light leader, and eventually wore through. Eventhough our luck wasn’t the best, we stuck with it, and did wind up catching a wahoo towards the end.

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