A Little Variety

Fishing was pretty good today, and there was an assortment of species caught.

I headed south this morning, along with two other Hatteras boats. It looked like we were gonna kill the yellowfins because we caught two out of four bites on our first pass over the break, but it wound up not being quite that good for us. We still had good action though, and managed to pull in one more yellowfin, for a total of three, a handful of blackfin tunas, three dolphin, and one king mackerel. We stopped to jig up some amberjacks, and the guys had a blast playing tug-a-war with them. As a bonus, near the end of the day, we released a sailfish that rose to a shortrigger, and Justin switched off to one of our new LXs on a dink pole. Great fight. Another great trip!

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