Fishing was good today, and we had nice weather to boot!

Talk about variety, we had a little bit of everything today! It looked like things were going to be scrappy this morning, so after an hour and a half, and only one "throw back" yellowfin, we went looking for an amberjack spot. That worked out to be a good plan, and we got everybody excited bending the jiggin’ sticks. After that, however, we had a fairly steady bite right along. We caught a half dozen gaffer dolphin, one nice wahoo, one out of three 40 pound yellowfins, and a mako shark that was just shy of 100 pounds. It sounded like things turned on all over, especially further south, and offshore. This would indicate to me that we’ve got a lot of good stuff coming. This afternoon a hitch hiker joined me up on the bridge, and I managed to snap a shot of him perched on my radio. See you soon!

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