Salty Crew

The fishing was great again today, in spite of windy conditions.

My group was amped up and ready to get after ’em this morning, so we lead the charge. It was about what you would expect from a 25 knot northeaster, but the fishing was just as good as it was last time we were out. The change was shoved in a ways, so the ride to the fishing grounds was pretty short, and we got bites as soon as we set out. I did venture out a little further at one point, but the curent had picked up, and the seas were pretty big, so we tucked back in a little ways. It didn’t matter anyway, the gaffer dolphin fishing was plenty good, and my group got all they needed, plus a couple of kings. They gave me an early dismissal, so we were back to the dock shortly after lunchtime! Fishing is hot!!

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