Fishing offshore was a little less productive than it has been, but we managed to have a variety of action during the day.

Ok, first, how did I come up with "jackhammer" for the title to my report? Well, we did a little jigging today for some amberjacks, and somehow the name went from amberjack to hammerjack, to jackhammer. I think I got my buddy Rodney staright on it by the end of the day, but it was definately worth a couple of laughs! Anyway, we trolled most of the day and caught a few gaffer dolphin, two of which were close to 30 pounds. We had atleast three wahoo bites, none of which worked out in our favor, and we did hook a 250 pound blue marlin today as well. We had him on long enough to enjoy several jumps, get the lines in and start backing down before he came unglued. Still plenty good to get my heart pumping! An enjoyable day with new friends. Thanks guys.

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