Slick Calm

You can’t help but enjoy yourself on a beautiful day such as today!

Fishing was a little tough today, and we had to really work for the bites we got, but they were all pretty nice ones. Some of the guys got lucky and scrapped out a better catch of dolphin, but overall it was a little slower. We had about twice as many gaffer bites as what we caught, and it seemed like they just weren’t real hungry. I fished in the shallows, out in the deep, and all in between. There were a couple of marlin bites, but for the number of boats fishing in the deep today (Big Rock Tournament), there really wasn’t much activity. I don’t know if I heard of a wahoo bite either. We stopped on a mark and caught a half dozen sea bass, and on the way in spotted a cobia that we insisted must join our gaffers for the ride home. All in all, a great fishing adventure!

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