Another Day In The Deep

We spent the day out in the deep, and had enough action to keep us busy most of the day.

I started out on the first color change, but it quickly became overpopulated (with boats not fish), so I decided to work offshore and see what I could find. We caught a few gaffers just inshore of the hundred fathom line, but I decided to make a lap out to 200, just to check. We saw a sperm whale blowing as he cruised up the beach, and just as we got near where he was, we hooked and released a sailfish. He put on a fantastic show for us, but was a little too wild for Justin to get him in the boat for a picture. As soon as we set back out, we hooked up with a blue marlin, but the hook pulled out a couple of minutes into the fight. I began working down the beach in some scattered grass, and by quittin’ time, we had put together a pretty nice catch of gaffers. A couple of them were in the 30 pound class. It was a beautiful day offshore, and I’m glad to have been there!

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