Marlin Action

The marlin action turned on today.

We started in shallow, caught a couple of gaffers, and when the boats offshore further started getting a lot of marlin bites, I picked up and steamed out that way. I stopped when I saw one tailing down sea, I couldn’t identify what flavor, but definately a billfish. We didn’t get a bite out of him, so we trolled on. A little later we had another blue marlin tail by the boat, but never made a pass at any of our baits. I was on edge as the wait continued. We had something knock down both of our larger longrigger baits, but I never could identify the fish, and he never got hooked, but we feel sure it was a marlin. Finally, we had a 300 pound blue marlin crash the right teaser, and everybody in the party got to enjoy the show as Justin switched him over to one of our LXs. The fight was about an hour on the light outfit, and the last few minutes were filled with acrobatic jumps right by the boat. It was worth the wait!

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