Another Slick Day

It was almost "greasy calm" out there today, and the fishing was as enjoyable.

We found a lot of dolphin today, mostly nice bailers, but we did catch a half dozen gaffers to help round out our limit. We spent most of the day looking for a sailfish. We did have two encounters, the first fish rose to a teaser, and as we were about to switch him off to a bait, a dolphin came in and took the bait from him. We never saw the sail again, but the dolphin died. The next one ate the short shotgun bait, and came up jumping about three or four seconds into the feed. He tailwalked right at the boat, faster than I could retrieve the slack, and when he finally threw the hook, he was twenty feet away! Oh well, it was some action just the same, just without the flag. A great trip with my new friend NIck, the "natural born killer"!

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