More Bills

My group today wanted to concentrate on looking for a billfish…. I love it when a plan comeot him on the leader, s together!

It started out kind of squally, but after the morning thunder showers passed by, it really wasn’t a bad day at all. We ran straight to the hundred and set out. We had released our first sail within ten minutes! After that it was a long stretch with one mystery bite and a few gaffer bites, one of which we caught, a 30 pounder. In the afternoon, we caught our second sail. When we got him on the leader, we spotted a second fish, but weren’t able to get him to bite. A half hour later we hooked our white marlin, which put on a great show for us. Thanks especially to one of my oldest friends, John, and his son JC, who both released a sail today. What a great experience to share with your son/father.

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