More Great Action

The marlin action was great again today!

Funny how it works, and there is nothing fare about it. One day it just isn’t your turn, and the next day it is. Today we probably had the best of it, although everybody saw fish, just some more than others. We wound up with three white marlin and two sails for the day. The first white marlin smoked the left teaser, and Justin switched him off to the left flatline. Perfect. The second white rose to the left flat, but switched over to the right flat for the bite. Just right. The third white ate the left flat, and before Justin came tight, was pulling on my left teaser (there’s only one way to find out what I pull on my left teaser). I had one behind my right longrigger at the same time, but he never ate. During the rainsquall of rainsqualls, I looked back to see three sails behind my right teaser! One of them wound up eating the right short, and one ate the left short, and we got them both. NOt too much in the meat fish category, but there was a random gaffer dolphin out in the deep. We caught three, the biggest (pictured) was 32 pounds. Great day!

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