Great Dolphin Fishing Again

Things changed around, as they always do, and the gulfstream yielded great catches of dolphin once again.

I was on a sailfish mission today. My good friend Bill has caught a blue marlin and a white marlin with me, so I need to find him a sail to complete his personal slam. Well, there he was…left teaser…perfect switch, pulling drag…gone. Ugh. There was really a pretty decent sign of sails around today, but that one would be the only chance we were given. We’ll have to try again! In the meantime, there were reports of schools of dolphin, mostly inside of 30 fathoms, but we did find two different schools in the deep, and managed to get a great catch between the two of them. There were a few 10-15 pound gaffers mixed in with the bailers as well. The guys that stayed inshore had a few wahoo bites during the day as well. Thanks Bill for another great day.

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