Just As Planned

We had a game plan this morning, stuck to it, and it worked out just as we planned!

My guys wanted to catch something big, so we decided we would try the wahoos for a while, see how that went, and maybe go out a little further for a marlin later on. Well, we had good wahoo fishing, and the average was good for us this morning as well. By 10:00, all six of my guys had landed a wahoo and were ready to try for a billfish. That went well too. We saw a couple of freejumping sails to get the heart pumping, and then we hooked a 175 pound blue marlin on one of our sailfish poles. He put on a great show on the light gear, and let us enjoy some acrobatic jups close to the boat before releasing him. Later we raised a lazy sailfish that wouldn’t eat, and another blue marlin that knocked out a shortrigger bait, but faded off. See…just like we planned!

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