Sailfish Action

Our number one target species today was sailfish, and it was a good day for it.

We started out catching a dolphin, and I jokingly said "well, we got dinner out of the way", but I didn’t know it would be the only meat fish we would catch! I worked offshore to find the birds over sailfish cutting on the surface. I found several schools of sailfish balling bait, and it was a sight to see. They were hard to get off of the bait that they were feeding on. I had a few fish break off and paddle in to check out our spread, but wouldn’t bite. The one we did catch was one out of two flatline bites, with a third fish window shopping behind my short shotgun. I should have stuck it out all day, but I had a feeling that my group would be interested in catching a wahoo, so I shallowed up. We did have a wahoo on, but lost him. I hope we find some more of this action tomorrow!

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