My group wanted to look for some billfish action today…and we found it!

First of all, it was a gorgeous day. We went straight off looking for the same condition that I fished on yesterday, and I thought I found it when the sails wrapped us up. We hooked a tripple and landed all three right to start with! We didn’t have action throughout the day like we did the last couple of days, but a couple hours later I found the birds over a ball of bait with the sails cutting through it. I counted seven fish around the bait ball, but there may have been more. When I made a pass, the fish immediately left the ball and attacked our spread. I don’t know how many bites we had, but we hooked two. Somehow the lines got together and one of them parted so we only landed one of that pair. I thought we were going to get a second chance at them because they came back up cutting on top while we were doing battle, but had gone down by the time I got back around to them. My hat goes off to my buddy Mark who had to cut the day short to get to birthing classes for his first child due next month. Great day guys!

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