The Day Before

It was an absolutely gorgeous day offshore. Plenty of life, but the fish didn’t bite as well as the last few days.

With tropical storm Danny forcasted to be off of our coast tomorrow, I expected the fishing to be unreal, but it seemed that they didn’t want to bite quite as well. There was a scattered wahoo around the fleet, although we never had a wahoo bite. There were a lot of dolphin around, but not all of them were so cooperative. The first school we found was hungry, but the fish were not much bigger than my foot, so we moved on. We found a couple other schools, and managed to catch a handful of small gaffers and big bailers. There was an abundance of sailfish freejumping in the area, but very few bites, and eventhough we had a mystery bite or two, we never hooked one. Still a great day offshore!

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