The wahoo fishing was the best for us that we’ve seen this fall.

I was skeptical this morning about whether or not it would be a good day to take my new friend Mr. Lo, due to the weather. They REALLY wanted to go, so we compromised, and decided to stay inshore and try for spanish mackerel until we got a weather report from offshore. The report was that the seas were surprisingly calm, so we headed on off. It didn’t take long once we started fishing to catch our first wahoo, and not long after that till we got our second one. It was pretty steady all day, and when the smoke cleared, we had managed to catch our limit of twelve. I always try to keep track of the number of bites we have, and I think today we were somewhere close to 50% on our bite to kill ratio. As an added bonus, we were able to catch one out of two sails that made an appearance in our spread. Guess who’s having wahoo tonight……ME! Thanks guys!

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