Gorgeous Day

Slick calm, and good action…it don’t get no better!

We had three wahoos in pretty short order this morning, and I was thinking it was gonna be another "bang up" wahoo day, but our luck kinda fell off. We had a couple other wahoo bites that we missed, then a tripple header of sails that went bad, we managed to hook two on our wahoo baits, and lost both of them. Later we hooked one out of a doubleheader sails. The one we hooked on a big bait got away, and the second one disappeared during the switch from big bait to small bait. Ugh. We were, however, blessed with a nice school of bailer dolphin that we managed to catch close to forty out of, and one more wahoo, bringing our total up to four. Lots of action and a great catch. Thanks to my new friends whom I hope to see back in November for some "live bait" action!

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