Mini Sail

Fishing overall was pretty good today.

I took a gamble this morning and went further out in the deep than I have been fishing lately. I hoped to find some dolphin, and we did in pretty short order. We caught five or six around a piece of float, and along a scattered grass line. I just knew that if I stuck with it, we would find a "mega school", and our day would be made. Well, I found the mega school, but they wouldn’t bite. Bummer. Anyway, we did find another school a little later, and managed to catch twelve or fifteen more. I worked inshore, and figured we would be able to knock a couple wahoos in the head, but we only had two bites. We did catch one of them. A few of the boats that stayed inside of 40 fathoms all day scrapped out a nice catch of wahoos. We had an unusual catch this afternoon, a miniature sailfish, probably four or five pounds. What a cool little fish! Anyway, I think everyone enjoyed themselves on this calm and cool day.

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