An Honor

Fishing wasn’t red hot, but we did have a few bites throughout the day, and wound up with a nice catch.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend Tim and his son John, who is home on leave from Iraq. His other son is also in Iraq, so he couldn’t be with us today. I have fished with a few celebrities over the years, and it’s never more of an honor for me to spend the day with an American soldier. Thanks for all you do.
We caught two wahoos today, out of six bites, one citation size blackfin tuna (25 pounds), twenty-some dolphin, and one sailfish out of a trippleheader. The bites were spread out enough that it seemed like we never went too awful long without a bite. I have looked forward to this trip for a while, and thankful that it was a great day!

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