The winds and seas made fishing a challenge today, but my crew hung in there long enough to get a great catch of dolphin.

I gave my group "the talk" this morning, you know, the talk where I recommend that they go another day, or stay inshore. After I was sure that they were well informed of the sea conditions, we proceeded offshore. Well, the ocean was about like I expected, and it made things a little complicated trying to fish, but we worked it out for the most part. There were five boats out today, and everyone had a couple of wahoo bites, but no one succesfully landed one that I know of. We did find some nice bailer dolphin along a change, and a handful of gaffers as well. Included in our catch of 30 dolphin was a nice citation size 40 pounder. At noon, my group decided that they had had enough, and we headed for home. Everyone seemed pleased that we went, so mission accomplished!

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