Law Of Averages

Today was drizzly and about half rough, but the fishing was still pretty good.

My group was scheduled to go offshore tomorrow, but with the forcast being pretty bad, I encouraged them to go today instead. I’m sure today was better than tomorrow will be, but it wasn’t as nice as the weatherman had predicted. Wahoo fishing was pretty good around the fleet, and we had our share of bites as well. I talk about it all the time, you figure on landing 40% of your wahoo bites, but unfortunately somebody has to pay for the day that you are 80%. That was us today. We landed two out of a dozen bites. They were both pretty nice though, and one of them hit the citation mark at 40 pounds. We found several big schools of dolphin, but they seemed a little small to keep, to me. I did hear that up to the east was some great blackfin tuna fishing too. Thanks again John, and congrats to Ben on his citation wahoo!

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