We Had To Work For Them Today!

Conditions weren’t the best today, and the fish really didn’t want to bite, but we managed to catch a few and have a fun trip just the same.

We had one wahoo get after a longrigger bait this morning, and miss it. That would take in our wahoo action for today. The grass was streaked out from 20 fathoms to 200. I’m not sure that there was ever a time we didn’t have grass on atleast one bait. It was brutal. I did pick up and steam off to the deep in hopes of finding a good edge out there, but when I found it in 200 fathoms, the grass that I had hoped would be lined up had disappeared. I jogged back inshore and we did scrounge around in some of the heavier places of grass and caught a dozen dolphin out of several schools. They didn’t really want to cooperate either. We had a brief sailfish encounter, but it was just that…brief. My new friend Karen did catch a small shark on the planer rod, it’s always exciting to deal with a man eater. There were some small blackfins caught up to the east, but overall fishing was a little slow. My guys seemed to have a good time, and moral was high when we returned. I’m looking forward to putting this group on some live-bait action next month!

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