The offshore fishing has been great, whenever the weather has allowed the boats to get out.

I have finally been hit with a number of calls and emails, all with questions about my lack of reports lately. My apologies. On November 10th, I had surgery on my shoulder to repair a labrial tear. The procedure went well, however the recovery time will be long and painful (maybe more so for my family than for me!). I am required to remain in a sling for six weeks, and forbidden to work for four months. I should be ready for action around the first of March, but until then, Justin will be holding down the fort. I have all the confidence in the world in his experience and ability to do a great job till I return. I was hoping to have some pictures from one of his catches by now, but the weather has not permitted him to sail the couple of trips we have had scheduled since I have been out. Those of you that know me, know how much I love fall fishing, and am missing my commercial kingfish trips as well as yellowfin and blackfin tuna fishing, which has been particularly good this fall. I talked to one of my pals last night that fished yesterday. He reported a box full of tuna, mostly yellowfins, one big wahoo, and one out of two blue marlins. It’s killing me. The length of my recovery time has also thwarted my plans of building a skiff with my son this winter. I have most of the materials necessary to throw together a 20 footer for us to play around in, but it’ll have to wait as well.
Please feel free to drop me an email, and the "Godspeed" is ready to head out whenever you are! I’ll try to keep you posted. Thanks, David

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