Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

I have been living vicariously through the fishing reports of my friends, but it sounds like whenever the weather has been nice enough to get offshore, the tuna fishing has still been pretty good.

This year has been different for me, with not being able to fish, or even tinker on my boat. I’m about to go crazy. I am in physical therapy three days a week, and that’s ok if you like the sensation of your arm getting torn out of socket. I’ll be glad when it’s all just a memory. Christmas was good, we had some family in town, and enjoyed celebrating the birth of Christ together. The ushering in of a new year excites me because I know that it’s just a matter of days till we’ll be back offshore. Justin and I are both chomping at the bit! This winter I have once again switchd out all my reels for new ones, and we will be primarily using Shimano Tiagra reels from now on. We are pretty much spooled up and now just waiting on you!
Looking forward to a great 2010, and can’t wait to make more memories with you on the "Godspeed"!
From me and my family to yours…

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