The weather has been crappy here as well as where you are, so I have taken the down time as an opportunity to do a re-fit of the cabin area in the Godspeed.

My shoulder is doing much better, and my physical therapist has given me the green light to be more active, so I decided on a whim to get rid of the furniture that has been in the salon, and build in some seating, along with a bar. Tomorrow I will be finished with the last bench, and one of my former crewmembers, Ben, is building a mahogany bar top for me, which I will install in a couple of weeks. A quick look at the "about the Godspeed" page will show how my cabin looked prior to this project. Of course, it looks like a bomb went off, but in a couple of days we’ll have it all cleaned up, and good as new. See you soon!

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