Cabin Re-Fit, Almost Done!

My family and I went to the mountains this weekend, to visit Ben and his family, and to pick up the bar top that he built for me.

It was a great excuse to get away for the weekend, and a good time with good friends. Ben and I have remained close friends since he worked for me several years ago. He now works in his family’s millwork business, where they specialize in custom hardwood flooring and cabinetry. With a shop full of amazing tools, access to all kinds of lumber, and a talent for woodworking, I was excited when he offered to build a mahogany top that would match the rest of the trim inside the Godspeed. While we were up there, the kids got to experience things they don’t get to do at home. Of course, playing in the snow was on top of Simon’s list of things to do, as well as riding four wheelers and feeding chickens. We also made a trip to Luray Caverns one day. Anyway, Justin and I installed the bar top today, and it looks great. Over the weekend, new carpet was installed, and new cushions are on the way. Tomorrow we haul the Godspeed out of the water to paint the bottom and do annual maintenance. We should be back in the water in two days, and ready to fish this weekend. The bluefin tuna fishing has been pretty good, and I am in kill mode. Soon I will have fishing pictures to post! Till then, here are a couple pictures of the work inside my boat as of today, and a couple more of our weekend. Enjoy!

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