Pine Derby District Race

Our family made the trip to Elizabeth City today for the Tidewater Cub Scout district pinederby race. Simon’s hot #48 car ran well again this weekend!

My dad lives in Elizabeth City, so he and Cathy, his wife, came out to support Simon in his big race. There were 42 cars entered, a little more competition than amongst our local Pack. After three heats, Simon’s car hadn’t lost a race, and made it to the final bracket of the top three cars for the Wolf Den. It was a very close race, and only a few inches seperated all three cars. The lane assignment went by "luck of the draw" in this final race, and I felt that Simon wound up in the slowest of the three lanes. He managed to place second, and only an inch or two away from first place, and moving on to the council race in Virginia Beach next month. Oh well, we were still very proud of second place, and he had an enjoyable experience with all the scouts. Unfortunately he was the only scout to make it from our Hatteras Island troop, but we still had a ball.

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