More Bluefins On The Jigs

These guys today were jigging purists, and I was under strict order NOT to troll, what so ever!

For starters, the weather was perfect. Next, the fishing was great, in fact, if you didn’t want to go where the bluefins were, there was a pretty good sign of yellowfins a little closer to home. It sounded like 35-40 pounders, and eight or ten to the boat. Anyway, we fished strictly for the bluefins today, and strictly with the vertical jigs. We kept the first fish we caught, which was a smaller 90 pounder, but most of the other nine were 120-150 pounders. The last one we caught was pushing 200, and we caught him on a popping plug, on a spinning outfit. We figured that we probably had close to thirty bites, caught ten, and pulled or broke off ten more. Great action! Thanks for a great day guys.

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