Another Day Of Light Tackle Bluefins

I had another group of "non trollers" today, but their strategy worked for them, and it turned out to be an action packed day!

We steamed to the northeast this morning in search of the bluefins. The fleet got on the fish, and there was a big area of tunas stretched up and down a color change. The guys that were trolling stayed hooked up for a good part of the morning. It was about as good as you wanted it. We tried dropping the jigs down on several marks, but the bite was slow on the vertical stuff. We finally caught a 60 pounder to get things started. My new friend Sami casted out a topwater plug and one crushed it. Two of the others grabbed rods with topwater poppers on them and casted too. Bam, bam, now we had a tripple on! We landed Sami’s fish first, a 70", 207 pounder. One of the others pulled off, and we released the third, a 150 pounder. We released another 140 pounder on a jig, and another on a popper at the same time, a little later on. Early in the afternoon, we wrapped things up and headed home. The 5 knots of current had drifted us a long ways from home, and the forcasted 15-20 knot south wind had clocked on around to the southwest and increased to closer to 25, making the long ride home even longer. All’s well that ends well, another great day offshore. There was very little yellowfin action today, although most of the boats were chasing the bluefins.

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