2010’s First Billfish

The weather was perfect again today, but the tuna fishing was "hit or miss".

The last couple of days we have been on the "hit" side of "hit or miss", but today we couldn’t hardly buy a strike. A few of the guys managed to hit the tunas once or twice, but there was a good number of boats that weren’t so lucky. The good news was that the tuna bites were scattered over a much bigger area today, so instead of everybody trying to get in one spot, you stood just as good a chance of getting bit off on your own. It was a long day of trolling for us, but we did catch and release a sailfish, our first of the year, right before quitting time. We wanted to get a good photo of him before the release, but it didn’t work out. Thanks guys for your patience, and I’ll see you this summer!

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