Carlos’ First Fish!

The weather was perfect this morning, but it breezed up as the day went on.

As I made the morning introductions, I was informed that my new friend, Carlos, had been fishing offshore before, but had never even seen a fish get caught! He was to be the in the chair for the first fish. Well, after trolling most of the day without a strike, I suggested that we throw Carlos overboard, but was voted down. Anyway, the action was slow and scattered around the fleet, but most everybody had caught a fish or two. We finally had a few bites late in the afternoon, even though our percentage wasn’t very good. We had two wahoo strikes, both of which got away, and managed to land one out of two 40 pound yellowfins. I hope this will get the monkey off of Carlos’ back! Anyway, I enjoyed my group, and look forward to showing them some better "catching" in the future. Thanks guys.

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