Saved By The Jacks

It was a pretty enough day, but the fish didn’t cooperate as well as we had wished.

Here’s the thing about my reports. I try to tell it like it is. Even though we fish in an area that is usually very productive, the fact is, sometimes it’s just slow. Today we had a hard time finding decent water. There was a huge "belly" of cool green water that seemed to cover most of the area that our boats fish. The fleet did a good job of spreading out and exploring it, but there really wasn’t much tuna action to be found today. A couple boats wound up striking the yellowfins once, but they were the lucky ones. We went way offshore, and way south, and came up with nothing. Around lunchtime we worked back inshore to a wreck, in hopes of finding some resident amberjacks for our group to catch. It was a good plan, and not only were they there and hungry, they were BIG. It didn’t take long to jig up our one per person limit, and the guys all had a ball tugging on something that tugs back! I jogged up the beach a ways to get in the area that the tuna bites had been in, but we only had one trolling strike, and missed it. WAY up to the east there were a few small bluefins caught, and I heard of one or two wahoos caught. It was great to have the jacks to fall back on, and the rest is only gonna get better. Thanks Tommy, Angel, and the crew.

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