Scrapped It Out

There were no tunas caught today, but we did have a variety of action.

It was very windy over the weekend, and even though a few boats tried it yesterday, my party wanted to reschedule. There were some nice yellowfin caught however, and I was looking forward to a great day of tuna fishing today. Somebody forgot to inform the tunas. There was not a yellowfin caught in our fleet today. Maybe they just weren’t biting, who knows. We had some action at one point when a mako shark crashed a flatline bait, and we were thankful to land him. We stopped on a wreck and did some amberjacking, which gave my group some action and some meat in the box. We also dropped to the bottom and caught a few groupers and a couple of tilefish. It was a nice day weather wise, and I think everybody had a good time. Thanks guys!

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