…And Then Some!

Since things were on the slow side yesterday, and with a report of some bluefins still within our range east of us, we decided to give that a try. We got what we went looking for, and then some!

Not long after we slowed down to fish, I found a place of bluefins rolling on the surface. I told Justin to get ready as I made my first pass. Two lines went off, and to our surprise, they turned out to be 50 pound yellowfins! Just before Justin boated the second one, we hooked a nice bluefin, and battled it to the boat. It measured 72 inches and weighed in at 181 pounds. After landing the one bluefin we were allowed for the day, we started switching over to our yellowfin tackle. It wasn’t long before they found us, and we got the massive "wham". We hooked ten, and miraculously landed all ten! These tunas were all 50-60 pounders, and my spoiled group ended up with 800 pounds of fish! I gotta say it’s been a long time coming, and it was fun to have a big kill. All this action happened by 10:30. WE didn’t have room for much more, so we trolled back to the southwest in hopes of something different. We did fight some sort of sea monster for a while, but we never identified it, and it eventually came unglued. Thanks to Greg and the gang for a great day…again!

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