More Life To The South

We headed down the beach this morning, and things seemed to be picking up.

We decided to hit one of the southern amberjack spots this morning, and it was holding the freight. We caught what the law allowed in pretty short order, and they were nice ones. I looked around at some bottom fish spots, but the wind had started to breeze up and it complicated our drifting, so we didn’t give that much of a chance. We did catch a couple of triggerfish and a couple of silver snappers. After that, we trolled around with not a lot of action other than a few dolphin, which we were glad to see. From time to time someone would report a few dolphin, so that was encouraging. The hottest action was a blue marlin bite that went off in the deep for a couple of boats. There were five blue marlin hooked between the three boats that were there! Anyway, things are looking up! Thanks Keith, for another great trip.

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