Dealing With It

The current conditions have made the trolling a little slow, but we have been able to get creative and find some fish for our groups just the same.

We spent a good bit of time trolling up on the eastern end this morning, but didn’t have any bites. My group liked the suggestion of dropping to the bottom for some tilefish, so since we were in the neighborhood, we gave it a try. It worked out well, and in a few drifts we had our limit, plus one nice yellow edge grouper that was just shy of 20 pounds. I trolled to the southwest in the greener water in the hopes of finding a hungry mako, but we never had any action. Near the end of the day, I gave my group some jigging action on the amberjacks, and when we quit for the day, everybody was smiling! Thanks Dearl for a great trip.

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